Membership card pricing for the 2023-24 season
will be the same as the previous 2022-23 season. No changes.


League Secretary Duties and Responsibilities

The secretary has many important responsibilities, which are outlined fully in the USBC Playing Rules. Below are just some of highlighted duties for membership, averages and awards. Note: In leagues using computer and/or average service, the elected secretary still remains responsible for all the duties specified in USBC Rule 102e. League officer duties and responsibilities are listed at the bottom of this page.


The league application form must be submitted within 30 days from the start of the league. Make sure the President signs the form and fill out the bonding amount if you want your league to be covered.

  1. Click here to certify your league ONLINE – we will issue the certification #
  2. LEAGUE CERTIFICATION FORM (pdf) – This form must be completed before the start of each new league (winter and summer) – we will issue the certification #
  3. Use the NCR form provided in your winter or summer league kit. Send us the completed form with your membership cards.




Membership cards are due within 30 days from the start of the league or when the person joins the league – Subs included! We need membership cards filled out completely (especially birthdates and USBC ID #) so that we can build the league in our system – even if they already have a card that they received through another league. Not only is this a transactional record, it also captures any address, phone or email changes as well. Please don’t hold on to the cards waiting for stragglers – it might cost someone a 300 or 800 award.

  • Include Membership card applications and applicable fees (ONE league secretary or bowling center check only per submission) for all league members with the league application form.
  • Have the bowlers carefully complete their home address with apartment number if applicable, birthdates, USBC membership ID (if it does not already appear on the card) and e-mail address.
  • Check the application cards as they are returned to you. It is easier to find errors and have them corrected rather than to submit incomplete information, which could cause a delay in the member receiving their card.
  • Subsequent membership card applications must be filled out as they join INCLUDING ALL SUBS!
  • If bowlers indicate paid in another league on the membership card, ask to see their card or look them up on BOWL.com. If they are not showing as current on BOWL.com, they must pay for membership.
  • Complete the ADULT DUES WORKSHEET or YOUTH DUES WORKSHEET with each submission of cards. Be sure to separate cards as paid cards; Paid other league (POL) cards; Transfers, etc.
  • Rosters will be emailed to you with each payment transaction.
  • Please write the amount paid on the card, separate and sort your membership cards into the payment categories: paid cards, paid other league cards (POL), transfer cards, etc. when possible.
  • Our centers are close in proximity with Ventura County USBC, Citrus Belt USBC, Orange County USBC and San Gabriel Valley USBC, so please double check if the bowler needs a transfer card rather than a full card.

NOTE: Any team using a player who has not paid appropriate membership dues subjects the games in which the bowler participated to forfeiture.


Submit all award applications within 20 days of the accomplishment. Award presentations should take place before the entire league and as soon as possible after the feat is accomplished and the award is available. A long delay, such as waiting for the league’s season-ending banquet, can reduce bowlers’ excitement about earning awards and their appreciation of their membership benefits. It may also affect the inventory of awards at the bowling office.

We will continue to offer our NLAC USBC and SLAC USBC local awards until the inventory is depleted. Once an award is depleted, we will issue new awards with our new association name. Local award forms are enclosed in this packet and a new online submission form will be available soon. When submitting an honor award form for 300 or 800 series, please include a copy of the score printout.

*NEW* Submit local awards online. You can also upload any printouts with the online ordering as well.

To: Youth Directors and League Secretaries;

We have presented National High Game & Series awards to some very deserving youth bowlers in the last couple of years. I would like to see more apps sent to us to be processed.  Please take the time to fill out the application and send them in. You never know – you might have some team that was the highest in nation and never turned in. The APPLICATION has 2, 3, 4 and 5 person teams for adult male, female, mixed and youth bowlers (Scratch scores only). Make a difference, look at what is offered and please take advantage of it. The bowler’s dues pay for these awards.  Thank you for all you do!

Tom Leigh
Vice President


Furnish a list of individual averages to the local association manager within 15 days of the end of the league. The list must show the full names and ID numbers of all bowlers who competed in the league, the number of games bowled, total pinfall and average for each bowler. This is how averages upload to BOWL.com. Averages must include all roll-off, playoff and sweeper games unless league certification specifies that the last week of bowling is NOT certified.


Winter leagues (Start August 1 – March 14)
Summer leagues (Start March 15 – July 31)
Basic leagues (16 week or less duration; summer only; $12 membership – no local awards)

All leagues that EXTEND PAST OCTOBER 1 must re-certify with new certification starting in the new season. Bowlers for the league will have two averages, a summer average and a new winter average. Please follow the steps below:

  • Dates: Split the season in half, with the second half starting after August 1
  • Using 26 weeks as an example, the first half will be 13 weeks of summer and the second half will be 13 weeks in the new winter season. The league sheet can show the full 26 weeks at the end of the league.  The certification split is on the backend for certification purposes only.
  • One the summer half is finished, the summer ending league sheet must be provided so that summer averages can be posted for bowl.com
  • A new winter roster will be provided for the second half of the league. All bowlers will need to purchase new membership at this point.
  • When the league ends and the final league ending averages are provided, the summer pinfall will be extracted from the total pins to determine the second half’s winter averages.
  • NOTE: To avoid this process, please make sure that all summer leagues end before October 1.