November is BVL Month. If you are looking to become involved in a worthy cause, helping with this effort will give you that satisfaction of helping past and present troops through our great sport of bowling.  Association directors and league secretaries have been involved in collecting donations during league sessions for many, many years.  This year we expanded this drive by giving open play bowlers an opportunity to donate at the front desk. All donations are tax deductible. Please contact the association office to see how you can become involved. We appreciate any support.

As you know, these funds are used to purchase recreational equipment, field trips, coffee, and office equipment for use by the veterans, and to help with social events and special outings.

Unfortunately, our Military needs our help and we are again asking for your continued support and assistance in helping our veterans return to the way of life they left. We urge you to remember the BVL Creed, as follows:  “For the good things of life at hand for millions of us, thousands gave their lives. In our service and Veterans Administration Hospitals are other thousands who escaped death fighting with the same spirit for the same cause. Our debt to them is profound. The least they might expect is that all of us accomplish everything within our means to restore them to normal existences.”

The bowlers of California have kept the promise made to our Veterans in 1950, “We won’t forget you”. Since 1950, the California BVL fund has donated over $8 million dollars to our veterans. With donations to California Military Hospitals, VA Medical Centers, Outreach Centers and California Veteran’s Homes we have provided items for rehabilitation therapy, recreation items, Outbound programs and items to enhance the environment . Many of these items never make the government priority lists and, for bowlers, BVL – The California Bowler’s BVL Fund, has become a mission.