Centers offer many different types of leagues. Please inquire directly with the bowling center if you are interested in joining one of these leagues. All leagues are once a week except where notated. All leagues are guaranteed and there can be no shortages with league fees. USBC membership is required for some leagues.

Youth Leagues – Mainly on Saturday mornings; Aged 3-18.
Senior Leagues – Mainly in the mornings; Minimum age is 50.
Adult Leagues – Minimum age to participate is 18.

All USBC certified leagues are bonded for their prize money, certify averages for tournament competition and award participants for their bowling achievements.

League Governance

A league is a democratic society, governed by the league’s board of directors. The board is comprised of the league officers and team captains. The league officers required are president, vice president, secretary and treasurer (secretary and treasurer can be combined). Officers are elected by majority vote of the board or membership dependent on the league rules.

A quorum of the board must be present to conduct business. For a meeting during the season a quorum is one more than half of the total board.

Normal league business is decided by majority vote. Rule and schedule changes after the league begins bowling require unanimous vote of the team captains only. Changes in the adopted prize list also requires unanimous vote of the team captains only.

For specific duties of the board and league officers click here.


Competition, by nature, is exciting and intriguing. The more teams that battle for a championship, the more interest is created throughout a league. To spark competition, leagues may try several formats:

  • Handicap league – Competition where standings are based on actual scores with handicap. 
  • Scratch league – Competition where standings are based on actual scores with no handicap. 
  • Average cap league – Establish a team average cap based on the previous season’s team averages.
  • Split schedule – Divide the schedule into two, three or four sections and crown a winner in each. At the season’s end, have a playoff to determine the overall league champion.
  • Match point – Each competes against the player opposite them in the opponent’s lineup. Award points for wins on an individual and team basis.
  • Alternative formats – These formats can make any league both more competitive and more fun.

League and Membership Applications

The league application and membership applications must be submitted within 30 days from the start of the league. Be sure to include all requested information on the league certification application so membership credentials are issued without delay. Contact GLAC USBC at 562-426-2030 if you need assistance.


There are three lane condition classification categories associations must be aware of:

  1. Most leagues compete on what is considered standard, or house shot, lane conditions. The oil pattern allows for higher scoring.
  2. Sport lane conditions are the most difficult; think of what professionals compete on; PBA, PWBA, World Bowling patterns, and patterns from the Open Championship. The oil ratio, the volume of oil on the middle of the lane versus the outside boards, is typically 4:1. Bowler averages will typically be 20+ pins lower on a Sport condition compared to a standard condition.
  3. Challenge lane conditions are between Sport and Standard conditions. The oil ratio is typically between 4:1 and 7:1. Bowler averages will typically be 10-19 pins lower than a Standard condition average. Leagues falling in to this category will be ones that change patterns regularly, or use a mix of difficult and easier patterns.

Averages from Sport and Challenge leagues are to be converted to provide a more fair competition environment. Click on the link below for conversion chart averages

Click HERE to see the conversion chart for condition averages.