North LA County USBC will continue to process awards for the centers north of Bowlero Los Angeles.
Southern LA County USBC will continue to process awards for their area.

Once our inventory is depleted, we will purchase new awards with our new name: GLAC USBC!!


Submit all award applications within 20 days of the accomplishment. Award presentations should take place before the entire league and as soon as possible after the feat is accomplished and the award is available. A long delay, such as waiting for the league’s season-ending banquet, can reduce bowlers’ excitement about earning awards and their appreciation of their membership benefits. It may also affect the inventory of awards at the bowling office.

We will continue to offer our NLAC USBC and SLAC USBC local awards until the inventory is depleted. Once an award is depleted, we will issue new awards with our new association name. Local award forms are enclosed in this packet and a new online submission form will be available soon. When submitting an honor award form for 300 or 800 series, please include a copy of the score printout.

Awards can be submitted online or with our awards application form. Please visit the awards page for more information. 

North Awards
South Awards