One of our best League Secretaries has passed – Josh Hudson, 86, will be dearly missed. A Celebration of Life event to be held at Cal Bowl will be announced very soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Josh’s family this Christmas as that was also his special birthdate.

SENIOR SINGLES TOURNAMENT (Aged 50+) – Keystone Lanes & Winnetka Bowl

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Juan Fonseca – 300 Game (Winnetka)

YOUTH GLAC CHAMPIONSHIPS (NORTH) – Santa Clarita Lanes, Saugus

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Prize money now posted


Current Greater LA County USBC youth members with a verified GLAC average are welcome to bowl. Team event: 3 games total bowled on the same pair of lanes. Doubles/Singles: 6 games total bowled on the same pair of lanes. Click here to download entry forms.

  • TEAM: SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 2021 (1pm)
  • D/S: SUNDAY, JANUARY 23, 2021 (10am & 1pm)

YOUTH CLUB TOURNAMENT – Winnetka Bowl, Winnetka

All participants must be current GLAC USBC certified youth members. Bowlers must bowl in the club they qualified in (500 CLUB: Must have bowled a 500 scratch series in a certified league or tournament. OPEN: Any GLAC certified youth bowler). Four tournament divisions: Open & 500 (handicap), 600 & 700 (scratch). Open and 500 club bowls 3 games; 600 & 700 club bowls four games. Click here to download entry forms, tournament info or to pay online.

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 2022 (10:00am)


Open to all GLAC USBC members, youth and adult. Youth can participate by submitting a prize waiver prior to the start of competition. GLAC USBC Membership sold on-site or bowlers without USBC membership can participate for $5. FUN FORMAT: Singles 9-pin No-tap (9 or better is a strike). Click here to download entry forms, tournament info or to pay online.

  • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2022 (1:00pm)

ADULT GLAC CHAMPIONSHIPS – Santa Clarita Lanes & Cal Bowl

Open to all GLAC USBC adult members. Separate Open and Women’s Divisions. Women’s entries may use their scores in the open division by paying an additional fee (see entry form for more information.) One weekend only for team, doubles and singles event. Team event: 3 games total bowled on the same pair of lanes. Doubles/Singles: 6 games total bowled on the same pair of lanes. Enter early to save your squad time. A portion of each team entry will be donated to BVL and Susan G. Komen charities. 


This tournament is open to all current GLAC USBC members in good standing. First place: $100 Youth Scholarship per Division* (minimum 10 entries per division). SCRATCH and HANDICAP DIVISIONS. Click here to download entry forms.

  • SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2022


This tournament is open to all current GLAC USBC members in good standing. This event is a qualifier to enter the BVL Helen Duval Veterans State Finals to be held March 2023 (site TBA). Separate Open & Women’s Divisions. Five (5) games singles moving pairs after each game.  **Youth are eligible to participate with a signed prize waiver. Two scholarships guaranteed (one boy & one girl).  Opt. Scratch Division available. Click here to download entry forms.

  • SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022


This tournament is open to all current GLAC USBC members in good standing. GLAC USBC Membership sold on-site – Adult bowlers without USBC membership can participate with $5 participation fee. FUN TOURNAMENT FORMAT: 9-pin No-tap (9 or better is a strike). First place: $100 Youth Scholarship per Division* (minimum 10 entries per division). SCRATCH and HANDICAP DIVISIONS. Click here to download entry forms.

  • SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2022


Download the GLAC USBC Merge Information Flyer
Map to Association Office

It’s Official! Southern LA County USBC and North LA County USBC have merged into one new association for the new 2021-22 season starting on August 1, 2021.

The new organizational meeting was held on JULY 18 at the new office in Lakewood. Many items were voted on, but the main item was our name.  There will be more information to come once the new season starts on August 1. Read about the merge on our Blog



  • Visit the LEAGUE SECRETARY INFO page for league documentations (league app, dues worksheets). Also, let us know if you need pre-printed cards for your league.
  • Remember that all bowlers in your league must submit a USBC membership application card – SUBS INCLUDED! Failure to certify a bowler will result in league game forfeitures or possible suspension. Also DON’T hold on to the membership cards – You may cost someone their 300 or 800 honor award!
  • All membership expires July 31 regardless of when it was purchased.
  • Submit ONE check or money order payment with each submission. Only personal checks from bowling centers or League Secretaries will be accepted. Make payment out to “GLAC USBC”.
  • Rulebooks are no longer going to be printed and can be downloaded at BOWL.com.


Reminder… Senior membership pricing is $21. If a senior membership bowler bowls as a regular or substitute in a “Standard” league, they must pay the $4 difference to upgrade to Standard membership. If the senior bowler bowls in another senior league, then they are fine with their current membership.

There are new rules in effect starting August 1, 2021:

  • The minimum age for adult leagues is 18 (Rule 16)
  • A league officer is allowed to authorize practice for an interrupted game (Rule 113c)
  • Tournament managers must provide copies of the prize list and financial statements to tournament participants (Tournament Rule 309a)

Also, don’t forget about the previous season’s new rules that you can only wipe balls with a dry towel or clean bowling balls with isopropyl alcohol and no extra finger holes. All of these rules can be read in more detail on BOWL.com or in the 2021-22 Rulebook. 

Bowling ball specifications – Effective August 1, 2020
• A bowling ball’s oil absorption rate must be more than 2 minutes, 15 seconds for the ball to be approved

• Elimination of balance holes; bowlers may have up to five holes for gripping purposes and all must be used on every delivery
• No-thumb bowlers would need to mark by scribe, engraver or tool near the intended center of palm with a plus (+) mark

Out of Specification. If it is found that a bowling ball is or is suspected of being out of specification, the bowler must be told by the tournament or league official to remove the ball from competition until it can be measured. If the ball is not removed or the bowler had prior knowledge of such, games are subject to forfeiture or disqualification. If the bowler had no prior knowledge, the games would not be subject to forfeiture, but the ball would not be able to be used until it meets specifications.

How is this rule enforceable and what is the penalty for those who don’t comply? Once it is discovered that a bowler is using equipment which is not within specifications, the ball must be removed from competition and corrected before it can be used during certified competition. If the bowler uses a ball that is non-conforming with knowledge that it is out of specification, the scores are subject to forfeiture.


To the members of the “New” Greater LA County USBC Association,

Welcome to the 2021-22 Season! First and foremost, I would like to thank the members of NLAC and SLAC for their hard work and cooperation for getting this merger done.  While this move will be mostly seamless for our members, it will help us serve the bowlers better and allow us to try to offer more perks.  I thank the current board of directors and transition committee for electing me President of the new association.  I previously held the position as President for the former SLAC USBC association since 2014 and look forward to continuing to provide excellent service to all bowlers.

The association is already working on the entries for the Open, Women’s, Youth, and Senior tournaments.  In the 2021-22 season, we will run the events in both former jurisdictions of the NLAC USBC and SLAC USBC and all bowlers are open to bowl both events.  The SoCal Queens & Princess Tournament and the SoCal Masters & Apprentice Tournament will be held in September 2022 and we hope to pick up on the momentum we created.  Please visit our website for tournament entries and results.

Our youth bowlers are the future of the sport, so I would like to ask that ALL bowlers support our youth. Sadly, we will be in a rebuilding phase over the next several years as the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic and the maximum age reduction has resulted in a massive loss in our youth bowler pool.  As a former youth bowler (many… many… many years ago), I can attest to the fact that bowling was a much needed outlet to get through the confusing period of what is known as “the teens”, so please support the youth bowlers, as they are not only the future of our sport, they are also the future of our society. We also welcome increased adult participation and involvement in our youth committee to raise funds to provide additional scholarship opportunities.

The Board of Directors and I will continue to work hard to provide the best product for the bowlers of the Greater LA County USBC, however if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to hear from you.  Let us all keep these words in mind and move forward as ONE united team to support and enhance the sport we all love!

Thank You,